The Essential Bali Guide

The Essential Bali Guide

Bali has something to offer to everyone. A magical destination with amazing rich culture and traditions welcomes you. Offering vibrant atmosphere, year-round pleasant climate, value for your money, stunning views and amazing surf.

We’ve put together an essential guide with “must do’s” while in Bali.

1. Attend a Kecak Dance:

The Kecak dance is a 70-man choir singing the story of the imperiled princess Sita, her vengeful prince Rama, and the besotted demon king Rahwana whose infatuation sets the whole narrative into motion.

A unique experience expressing the Balinese tradition and culture. 

You will be able to find them all over the island but We highly recommend the Uluwatu Temple Kecak show- show starts at 18:00 everyday except public holidays.

2. Paddle Out to Catch Some Waves:

No matter if you are a surfer or not. Bali is made for surfing. Many spots in Canggu are suitable for beginners like us! 

If you travel down to spots like Uluwatu you will be in for a treat, cleaner waves suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers but beaches like Padang Padang (right) is a nice one for beginners during high tide. For all the beginners out there: Grab a board and get an instructor on the beach and you are ready to go!

3. Taste the Food Diversity in Canggu:

Canggu is food lovers paradise! Local food, fusion, vegan and the best coffees and desserts. Compensate that with a little surf and you will be a full-time foodie when staying in Canggu.

Our favorites are:

Oma Jamu (vegetarian)

Betelnut Café 

Nalu bowls

Vida café

Fabricca Pizzeria

Peloton Supershop (vegetarian)

4. Incredible Sunsets at a Temple:

There are quite a few traditional temples in Bali but you will catch beautiful sunsets at :

Uluwatu Temple: one of the six sad kahyangan, major Balinese temples, but also the site of one of the famous nightly kecak performances. The temple stands atop of a 200 foot cliff in the southern part of the island and was constructed in the 10th century.

Tanah Lot temple: The magnificent sea temple stands on a rock just off shore and accessing it is only available during low tide. Visitors wait patiently for the tide to go down so that they are able to walk up to the rock and see the temple up close. It is said that during the 15th century, priest Nirartha instructed local fisherman to construct this temple.



5. Tegalalang Rice Terraces:

Located in magical Ubud, Along with the Sacred Monkey Forest Tegalalang is the most iconic of all the attractions in Bali therefore they can get quite crowded. We recommend visiting the terraces early in the morning or later in the afternoon to escape both the crowds and the midday heat. From the top of the road, you get stunning panoramic views of the terraces, which is really an irrigation system called Subak dating back to the 8th century. Be sure to venture deep into the jungle to take in and appreciate this ancient form of engineering.

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5 Must Do’s While in San Juan Del Sur – Nicaragua

5 Must Do’s While in San Juan Del Sur – Nicaragua

5 Must Do’s While in San Juan Del Sur – Nicaragua

Nicaragua is rated one of the safest countries is Central and South America and San Juan del Sur is it’s little gem. Surrounded by secluded beaches, lots of green and amazing people. San Juan del Sur has it all! Waves, fun, sun, yoga, and the best part…it is budget friendly!

1.Surfs Up!

San Juan del Sur is a great place to learn to surf. The beaches are not crazy crowded (compared to Costa Rica) and surf lessons are between $20-$25 for one hour including board rental.  If you are an experienced surfer then look no further! San Juan del Sur has a number of surf breaks that are fun and consistent. Playa Maderas and Playa Yankee can range from chest high to double overhead and barreling.  If surfing is not your thing, the sunsets are for sure not to be missed!

2.Yoga With a View.

I don’t know about you guys but I cannot get enough from staring at the ocean.  There is nothing better than practicing while your eyes are admiring the beauty mama earth gives us. I’m talking green, tall coconut trees, ocean breeze caressing your face, beach breaks in front of you eyes, wild scents, a yoga mat, and yourself all in one place.

I had the chance to take a class at the Costa Dulce Yoga Centre and it was pure bliss. Most of my practice time encompasses four walls, being able to take my practice to such an exotic and truly relaxing setting really gave that one hour a whole different feel internally and externally. 100% recommended.

There are a few other Yoga centers in San Juan del Sur with amazing open Shalas facing either the jungle or the ocean.

3.Photograph Your Way Through Town.

As a photographer,  I found San Juan del Sur to be pure inspiration! Colorful little casitas and doors fill up the streets of this cozy little town. It’s easy to appreciate it’s colonial architecture as well as it’s friendly locals.  From the guy repairing some old school electronics to a lady sitting in her front yard watching people go by, everything in my eyes was picturesque!


4.Get The Best View of San Juan Del Sur.

This one is no doubt a very touristy one but the view is not to be missed. The Christ of Mercy is a 132 meter statue overlooking the heart of downtown San Juan Del Sur. You can see the entire bay from the top and it will cost you no more than $3 to get in. It’s without a doubt a postcard perfect view and another perfect spot to catch the sunset.

5.Isla de Ometepe.

I didn’t get a chance to ferry over to the Isla de Ometepe, but I was able to see the Maderas and Concepcion volcanos that are on the island on my taxi ride to San Juan del Sur. Many locals recommended Isla de Ometepe. There is a natural swimming hole on the island of called Ojo de Agua which seemed to be very popular with both locals and tourists. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also fascinating archeological sites on the island as well. Definitely a must do when in San Juan del Sur!

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3 Top Secret Travel Hacks

3 Top Secret Travel Hacks

Are you planning on doing some serious traveling this year? Whether you’re looking to do some solo travels or going with some friends, it’s always great to make your travels as smooth as possible. Here are my go-to travels hacks that not only will save you TONS of time and money, but also keep you safe.

Hack #1: Depart from Arrivals

Yes, you read that heading correct. This hack is one that will save you time and keep you stress free. We all know that we need to be at the airport at least a couple of hours before departure and since you’re not the only one that’s flying (unless you have a private jet in which case these hacks are no good for you) so you’ll most likely encounter some traffic heading to the departure terminal. Well, if the airport is designed with the arrivals underneath the departures terminal, all you have to do is get dropped off at the arrivals and take the escalators up to the departures hall. You’ll skip the traffic and you’ll start your journey stress free.

Hack #2: Free Car Rental Insurance

Renting a car can be a great way to do some solo explorations during your holidays. But, it can come at a cost. Rates for rental cars are advertised to get you in the door then they hit you with a flurry of fees and add-ons that make you think twice about renting the car. But, don’t worry, this hack is true money saver. Most credit-cards have member benefits that you probably weren’t aware of. One of those benefits is car-rental insurance. That’s right, you’re credit card can actually do something positive for you besides take all your money in interest. To confirm, call your credit-card company and ask them about card holder benefits that they offer with the card. Specifically, the car rental insurance benefit. There will probably be some restrictions like no coverage for exotic cars or making claims within 45 days, etc. Either way, the benefits are there for you to use. So next time you need to rent a car, skip the add-on insurance from the rental company, call your credit-card company and confirm the insurance benefit. You’ll save tons of money.

Hack #3: Drive Like a Local

Once you have that awesome gas-friendly economy rental, you’ll need to make sure you don’t stand out like a tourist. If you’re in an unknown place you might want to take precautions to protect yourself and your credit-card insured rental.  One of the ways I make my rental look like a local’s car is by hanging a few malas on my rear-view mirror and fitting t-shirts over the passenger and driver seats to make them look really local. The more local that you make your car look, the less it will stand out as a rental.

And there you go Gurus. Use these hacks on your trips and enjoy your awesome travels!


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