8 Amazing Benefits of Aerial Yoga

by | Jul 10, 2018

We are all in on aerial yoga! Our wonderful yoga retreat program implements this style as one of the most beneficial for our bodies and a joyful alternative to mat yoga practice. Aerial yoga is a very unique way of practicing yoga. It incorporates the use of a hammock/swing and combines traditional yoga asanas and postures which is suitable for all levels and styles of yoga, from beginners to advanced and from Yin to Vinyasa.

The swing is a tool to hold on to for balance, help refine asanas, assist in alignment, deepen stretches, and safely invert without compressing the spine. Some of the greatest benefits come from the therapeutic aspects the hammock offers. Here are 5 amazing benefits this practice can deliver.


1- Decompression and release of tight joints.

2- Increase muscular flexibility.

3- Relieves pressure while aligning the vertebrae.

4- Allows you to perform advanced yoga & postural inversions without neck or back compression.

5- Develops upper body strength and core stability.

6- Self-esteem enhancement through conquering fears.

7- Refreshes the lymphatic, digestive & circulatory systems.

8- Increases the Neuroplasticity of the brain (one’s ability to learn).


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